Orphanage (Hostel) in India


Orphanage (Hostel) Built in 2009

At one of the special Marshall Public School celebrations, 3 street children came to check out what was going on.  They were so excited about what they were seeing, that they wanted to become a part of the school.  It was at this time in 2006, that these children not only became part of the school, but they were also taken in by Novahu and Manjula Valluri as “orphans”.  They ate meals with them, then slept overnight in the school house building.

“Orphans” in India are not necessarily without a mother or father, but they are from such poor or destructive families, that Novahu is asked to take them in to the hostel where they will receive three meals a day, a loving family,  shelter, and a quality education.    It was apparent that there were many children who lived on the streets trying to take care of themselves.   In 2006, a building was purchased with donated funds to serve as an orphanage (hostel) for these children.  Using additional donated funds, a new building was constructed in 2009 to house the hostel children on the ground level and the Valluri family on the second level (pictured above on the right).

Funds were raised over the next two year period to construct a third level on this building for separate dormitory sleeping areas for the boys and girls.  Construction for this new level was completed in July of 2011.  There are currently 28 children living in the hostel.  All of these children also attend Marshall  School.  To check out the construction pictures for this third level, go to the PICTURE GALLERY.

Separate Dormitory Sleeping Areas

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