House Pastors

Novahu and Manjula began their journey to Madhavapatnam because of their faith in Jesus, and that same faith is what allows them to lead such a large and complex group of ministries. Having received such strength and joy from their belief, they wanted to share it with others. Novahu is a wonderful pastor and has trained numerous other local men (and even a few women!) to lead congregations and share their faith within several of the surrounding communities. He continues to meet with them regularly to continue their education and help them find answers and solutions to life’s inevitable troubles, These House Pastors minister to individuals and communities that range from receptive to less-than-enthused and even rather hostile, and they continue to persevere even when it’s tough and even though they receive no salary to compensate them for their long hours of ministry. A House Pastor sponsorship of $35 a month allows us to help support and encourage these hardworking men and women and their families.

Recent News: In 2018, Novahu was voted to be president of the Samalkot Mandal area churches, which consists of approximately 30-40 village churches of various denominations. This is a very great honor for him!