Student Sponsorships

Our school runs on student sponsorships! For $20 a month, you can provide an education and a future (including books, a school uniform and shoes). We’ve worked hard over the years to ensure that our school is accredited from Lower Kindergarten through 10th standard, and our graduates are able to go on to a variety of colleges and training programs once they finish school. ¬†Graduating students go on to become teachers, medical workers, engineers, and government employees, to name a few. Several even ¬†plan to come back and teach at Marshall School in the future!

When you sign up to sponsor a student, you receive a picture of one of the unsponsored students at Marshall School- and if you’re close enough to visit Immanuel UCC, you can pick out a picture from our wall of students.* That picture becomes the face of this ministry for you, and we encourage you to hang it up on your fridge or keep it somewhere you can see it regularly. It’s a great reminder of the lives you’re changing, as well as (we hope) an encouragement to pray for and think about the entire community of Madhavapatnam.

*Even if you’re not close enough to visit regularly, we encourage you to stop by and see the students’ pictures whenever you might have a chance. The way some of their personalities can shine through a standard school picture is really something!