New Minivan needed…

In 2006, Joyful Journeys was blessed to receive a Jeep to aide in transporting Novahu and Manjula to neighboring villages to help spread the Gospel and establish Cutting and Tailoring Centers. This vehicle was also essential when it came to doing the daily marketing for the hostel children and Lunch Bunch kids; can you imagine […]

Period Poverty

Period Poverty is a term used to describe inadequate access to period products and the issues that go along with “that time of the month”. Often families are forced to make the hard decisions between putting food on the table or purchasing pads for their daughters; consequently, the absentee rate from school for these young […]

India COVID-19 Update

TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE…JOYFUL JOUNEYS INDIA ~ COVID-19 RELIEF FUND As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the world, we recognize that currently India is being hit especially hard. Just as when the pandemic first began, lockdowns in villages, can mean basic necessities, like food, are harder to acquire.  Simple hygiene products and […]


Joyful Journeys India Task Force would like to thank everyone who gave so generously to this years “In Kindness” India Gala; thanks to your charitable donations we raised $19,000 in support of our various ministries in the village of Madhavapatnam. God’s faithfulness and your commitment is changing lives and the world for the better!! To […]

Joyful Journeys India ~ COVID-19 Relief Fund

In the hopes of offering much needed support to our brothers and sisters in Madhavapatnam  during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have established Joyful Journeys India ~ COVID-19 Relief Fund (JJI~CRF) as a means to collect financial aid to help provide basic necessities to the people in this village.  Rice, soap, and face masks are among […]